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Food.  Clothing.  Shelter.

The bare necessities are common to all mankind, and yet unique to each culture.  We wanted to learn more about Native American culture by examining the historical food, clothing, and shelter practices of various tribes, especially their change over time in the period surrounding initial contact with European settlers (c. A.D. 1500).  We have collected and analyzed data on these three facets by researching three specific tribes and using digital humanities tools to visualize the information.  We created this website in the hopes that it will serve as a dynamic learning space and resource for teachers and students alike.


Learn about the research process behind this project, including a list of references.


Learn about the students behind this project, ask us questions, or leave us feedback!




Join us as we learn more about Native American culture through an examination of food, clothing, and shelter over time.


Scroll through the presentation above for a comprehensive overview of the project.



Learn about the Native American tribes that this project focuses on.


Learn about some of the Digital Humanities tools we used to visually examine indigenous culture.

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